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as a passionate cry for the right to love whomever we please without condemnation, judgement or penalty. Widespread ignorance and intolerance forced thousands of courageous LGBTQ people to rally together and face strong opposition in a fight for our rights. Their message and demand for freedom was clear, despite the frequent threats to their lives and unjust retribution. Their efforts and sacrifices are the foundation for the freedom, acceptance and respect we enjoy today.


Our goal is to create an awe-inspiring event that will shine a colossal spotlight on our achievements and success. As a result of our relentless push for change, millions of LGBTQ youth around the world can walk the streets in some areas holding hands. They can see themselves represented in more music and film productions than ever before. Our LGBTQ community has thousands of exceptional architects, fashion designers, interior designers, painters, sculptors, actors, dancers, singers, musicians, producers, writers and a long list of talented people who have achieve monumental success in their fields. Let’s make thunderous statements about these facts during pride with a new competition that focuses solely on these facts.

We propose ...

The International Tournament of Design

This tournament will be a prestigious competition between the finest LGBTQ creative individuals, each representing one of the world's many LGBTQ communities with stunning, motorized displays, (similar to the floats in the annual Rose Bowl parade), that will be showcased in a new public procession during the Gay Pride month.

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Each entry will represent a LGBTQ community native to a specific geographic location and present a theme that captures any achievement, advancement or notable event in LGBTQ history. A theme may represent the outstanding achievements of a LGBTQ individual who deserves continued recognition.