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How this competition can benefit everyone


The LGBTQ Tournament of Design will be a powerful public relations tool for our community as a whole. No member of the LGBTQ community should ever have to act or live “like” straight people, but we do have to live “with” them. This means, like it or not, how we are perceived by them should be of some concern to us. Simply ignoring their misinformed opinions and acts of hate on multiple levels won’t make life any better for us. There is no bubble in which we can live, completely separated from straight people. However, negative attitudes and opinions can change over time with reoccurring, positive influence.

This competition is not an angry shout in anyone's face. Nor is it a rebellious display of voyeurism or spectacle of flamboyant outfits. It is a colossal display of awe-inspiring creativity with every entry shedding a spotlight on LGBTQ icons, achievements and success. It will be effective on two fronts: a) shining a light on the positive, creative & successful side of the LGBTQ community (that is often upstaged by media focused, flamboyant outfits, semi-nudity and voyeurism portrayed in typical pride parades; and b) it will be a powerful source of inspiration for LGBTQ youth, as well as increase awareness while helping them develop a stronger sense of pride for any LGBTQ youth who may not yet grasp how wonderful it is to be who they are, just as they are.

It is important to understand that we didn't conceptualize this event as a way of saying flamboyance, nudity or voyeurism is wrong. Our goal is to bring something different to the table and show a different side of our community, rather than that which receives most of the media attention during standard pride celebrations. We want to change the narrative. Instead of requesting or demanding acceptance, respect and equality, let's show them why we deserve it!


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